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The Huron Wendat Carol

A Transcription of the Huron Carol 

The Documentation group highlighted one issue within the Huron Carol - and that is, transcriptions of the carol were all over the placeThis represents the Documentation group's attempt to create a standard transcription of the Huron Carol.

Girault’s orthography:
Estennialon de tson8e Ies8s ahatonnia
Onna8ate8a d’oki n’on8andask8aentak
Ennonchien sk8atrihotat n’on8andilonrachatha
Aloki onkinnhache eronhialeronnon
Iontonk ontatiande ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
8arie onna8ak8eton ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
Achink ontahonrask8a d’hatirih8annens
Tichion halonniondetha onh8a ahatren
Ondaie te hahahak8a tichion halonniondetha
Tho ichien stahation tethotondi Ies8s
Ahoatatende tichion stanchitea8ennion
Ahalonatorenten iatonk atsion sken
Onne ontahation chiahonalen Ies8s
Ahatichiennonniannon kahachia handialon
Te honannonrank8annion ihontonk oerisen
Te ek8atatennonten ahek8achiendaen
Ti hek8annonronk8annion de son8entenrade.
8toleti sk8annonh8e ichierhe akennonhonstha

Now to re-transcribe it.

Tentative Orthography, compiled from First Voices, Steckley:
Estenniayon de tsonwe iesous ahatonnia
Onn’ awatewa nd’ oki n’ onyouandaskwaentak
Ennonchien eskwatrihotat n’onyouandiyonrachatha
ayoki onkiennhache eronhiayeronnon
iontonk ontatiande ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
warie onn’ awakweton ndio sen tstatonnharonnion
achienhkontahonraskwa d’ hatirihwannens
tichion sayonniondetha onhwa achia ahatren
ondaie te hahahakwa tichion sayonniondetha
tho ichien st’ ahation tethotondi iesous
ahwatatende tichion stanchitehawennion
asayontorenten ihatonk atsion sken
onne ontahation chiahonayen iesous
ahatichiennonniannon kahachia handiayon
te honannonronkwannion ihotonk werisen
te hekwatatennonten ahekwachiendaen
ti hekwannonronkwannion de sonywentenrände

outoyeti skwannonhwe icherhe akennonhonstha

Who is Skeckley?
John Steckly is a Canadian scholar specializing in Native American studies. He has been a professor at Humber College since 1983. According to the Toronto Star, Steckly is also one of the last Huron Wendat speakers! 

If you are interested in how the Documentation group went from Girault's orthography to their tentative one, let me know and that information can be sent to you! 


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